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  • This is a choice that had forever changed our lives

    and definitely for the better
  • Accepts all donations from food to

    household items for less fortunate
  • The main focus of the organization is

    the Christmas season

Did my delivery to my sponsored family

and it was a truly amazing experience. Hearing their storywas unbelievable, and I couldn't imagine going through any of that myself. Thank you April for giving me this wonderful experience.
Courtney B

Thank you April for the amazing experience

It was great to meet you!! I feel truly blessed to have been able to be a part of the Angels this year doing a delivery to an amazing and very appreciative family!! ...
Stefani C

We did our delivery tonight.

What an amazing experience. Thank you April for all your hard work. Can 't wait to do it again next year!!

Corey G

Thank you to our secret angels

My children loved all their gifts and a special Thank you to April. You are an amazing woman for helping so many a angel for sure! Merry Xmas
Krystal K

This was a truly heartwarming experience

I'm so thankful I got to be apart of this! April, you're an incredible woman and an inspiration! Thank you for bringing so many smiles to so many faces! Can't wait to do this again next year
Amanda Z

Merry Christmas April

Thank you for being the loving, caring person you are. Because of your generosity and time you have made so many families Christmas dream come true.
Tanis G

Our story: Soaring Angels

It wasn’t long ago that April Parker had a secret angel swoop in to save Christmas for her and two children. Now she looks out for many other less fortunate people in Grande Prairie.The main focus of the organization is the Christmas season.
Secret Angels does, however, assist organizations who nominate families in need throughout the year for :

  • Fresh food items
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
  • Household items
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